In view of the recent COVID-19 pandemic, Damansara Holdings Berhad (DBhd) has implemented several precautionary measures within our offices to help contain the potential spread of the virus and ensure the wellbeing of our employees and visitors.

The measures implemented are listed below:

  • Conducting temperature checks on both employees on a daily basis and pre-approved visitors before they can enter into our premises.
  • Ensuring hand sanitisers accessible to all our employees and pre-approved visitors
  • Employees are to abide by the social distancing 1 metre gap rule
  • Adjusting working hours and shifts to limit the number of employees present in the office premises
  • All employees who have attended any gathering involving more than 20 people are required to declare this to their respective superiors immediately and observe self-quarantine and testing, if necessary.

DBhd has also imposed a travel ban for business purposes and any interstate travel are to be pre-approved by HR. All forms of communication for meetings and discussions such as the use of digital platforms are to be exhausted before considering any business travel.

All employees are required to declare their international trips (intended or completed) for both business and personal reasons to the Company by completing a self-declaration form.

All visitors are also required to fill up a self-declaration form. All visitors planning to visit DBhd MUST submit a self-declaration form and obtain the approval from the Company prior to the visit. To download the above-mentioned self-declaration form mentioned above, kindly click HERE. The completed forms can be e-mailed to your respective DBhd host/s at least 3 working days before the scheduled meeting.

We will continue to review these precautionary measures from time to time as the safety of our employees are paramount to us.